About us

Ergo has growth our reputation as a leading trader, distributor and provider of office solutions in Vietnam. Together with customers, governments and communities, we help people thrive by applying our insights, experience and commitment to serving our client in a responsible way, reducing environmental impact and improving the communities where we live and work.



To engage well-being lifestyle for everyone through customer insights, credential resources lean a committed services. By involved in ergonomic seeding, exploring individual morning maniacs, we aim to create a community where individual’s working life is purposeful, meaningful and everyone chooses to give back to social environment.


“To be the leader in Indochina to create well-being living space and lifestyle by applying sustainable & ergonomic solutions.”

Our core value:

  • Freedom: Respect, Diversity & Different perspectives
  • Love: Giving & Empathy, Other’s needs
  • Connect: Team Synergies & Customer centric


With partners:

  • Integrity, Honest, Sincere
  • Responsible, Committed
  • Delight service, Thoughtful service
  • Teamwork, CAN DO attitude, Humble, Grateful
  • Social contribution

With employees:

  • Email, email, email: it’s your evidence
  • Be kind, be nice, be thoughtful
  • Open minded, be brave, have fun
  • Sandwiches complain


We provide the solutions from ideas, space, tools, and equipment to utilize your resource to meet clients demand at reasonable cost with carefully consider about the material, origin, labor, and environment.

Our selective products on sustainable & ergonomic principles, each helping to support users build more activity into their daily routine for long term health and well – being.

Our responsibility to make sure our end users feel safe, comfortable, and happy with the products and service from us.

Our organization have been set up to supervise our staff and immediately communicate with them if they do need any further support.

Our happy staffs are well prepared for knowledge and skills to figure out your demand and consult you to the right choice.

Our R&D are working hard to catch the new trend of Humankind to bring out the latest products by following the vision of the company.


With innovation, creativity and teamwork, Ergo is transforming the entire markets – and people’s lives. We provide tools, opportunities, and a culture that values and supports employee growth as well as personal development. Ergo Training program enable employees to develop leadership skills including coaching, public speaking, building effective relationships and other soft skills. Our happy staffs are able to:

  • Take on a leadership role.
  • Create change and share expertise.
  • Ability to contribute and give back to the community.
  • Raising awareness, understanding and mutual respect among coworkers, manager.


Ergo know that our impact on the world begins with our actions as individuals. Taking pride in Ergo begins with us all taking pride in what we do and in our role as a business.

We all share a caring approach and a sense of respect and responsibility. Ergo has made a corporate commitment to value the full range of life experiences, skills and qualities of our employees, customers, partners and vendors.

By valuing diversity, Ergo continually fosters the viewpoints, experiences and intellectual skills necessary for the best ideas and best results.


For more information about our products, solutions and to see how Ergo can support your future innovations, please contact us. We will reply about 2 hours.

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